Sunday, February 6, 2011

facts about brahmins

some of the interesting facts about the Brahmans----------------Brahmans the  2nd in India, 5th in asia, 11th in world most affluent community. 15% of India and 70% of Gujrats businesses handled by brahmans, brahmans are the 4th richest community in the world. Brahmins have 260 different surnames. 35% NRI of India are Brahmans. in 2018 Brahmans will be world's  No. 1 community. feel proud to be a brahmin and help all the brahmins you come accorss


  1. Looks a little awkward as in one place you said 11th most affluent community and later you say 4th richest community ???? Can you throw more light on where you got this analysis from and also share the source of this info as its authenticity seems a little doubtful.

  2. 2010 cast sensus bases...its shown in CNN and NDTV too...gud one bro

  3. Wow you brahmans have already divided indians by forming caste system,as per your view point brahmans are cruel than british colonial rule in india. Do you think that brahmans excelled in indian astronomy its created by sages not brahmins never say brahmans are great.

    As I too Brahman felt ashamed for enslaving indian peoples by their ignorance. My final advise dont't create such a nonsense site for Brahmans.

    Try to remove your ignorance.

    1. Please can you mind your tongue. We brahmins did not create caste system.Caste system itself was created by a Backward Caste. We did not oppress anyone. If you read holy Hindu books brahmins were referred to as poor. We neither ruled anyone nor had power to suppress anyone. So mind your tongue can you??

  4. Whatever is the truth, one thing is India, the ANTI BRAHMIN feelings and sentiments are sown by the politicians for their selfish motives, and have driven the country downwards - why are 35% NRIs Brahmins ? just because in their motherland, they were pushed down and down by saying NO to their request for scholarships etc.. just because they were born to Brahmin parents....

    For whatever reason, they have genes of finer texture, having more acumen to acquire and retain the knowledge - so they looked for greener pastures - they were welcomed by these western countries like US and UK - the same UK that has fanned the fire of hatred against Brahmins, is taking a lot of them into its society, JUST FOR their brains and using them for the benefit of UK, causing loss to India even today, after Britain left India officially.....

    Successive governments have done very negligible or even ZERO, to uplift Brahmins, to give them a respectable and dignified life in their own country, which is regarded as VEDA BHOOMI, GYAN BHOOMI etc.... all these names that India is known by, is because of Brahmins....